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11-09-2019 12:30 am
Wireless Powerful 10 Frequency Clitorial Inspiration G Spotter Vibrarator with Heating Telescopic & Rotating, Adullt Six Toy for Women Couples Waterproof Soft and Flexible Personal Toys Flesh Color
Shipping in an unmarked box, delivery from China.
Our Vibrartor is surprisingly quiet, only less than 50db, which can ensure your privacy.
100% waterproof design makes you and your partner enjoy a pleasure time in the shower or bath.
Multifunctions: It has varies functions waiting for you to explore and it won't disappoint either your partner or yourself.
Built-in li-ion battery, recharged through USB magnetic attraction; IP67 waterproof allows you to enjoy in bathtub or swiming pool.
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PARTU Air Purifier True HEPA Filter for Large Room with 28dB, Air Cleaner for Dust, Pollen, Pet Hair, Mold, Eliminate Odor & Relieve Allergies Symptom, Child - Lock & 4 Timer Modes
High Efficiency for Large Room- CADR approved air cleaner can clean the air from a 236.8 Sq.Ft area 3.7 times in about an hour, that means it's a good size able unit it'll clear at least a large room; bigger models are made for bigger jobs, HEPA filtration with activated carbon and a large particle filter combined is definitely an excellent choice.
Recreate Fresh Air- The air purifier can easily eliminate Household odors such as cooking smells, pet odors, and cigarette smoke; it is ideal for home/office with babies, children, pet, smokers or anyone who are sensitive about air quality. Air purifier is a great helper to relieve common allergy and asthma symptoms like pollen allergy, dust allergy and sneezing.
Stylish and Concise Design- It doesn't look like an eyesore and the product's quality is incredible thick and durable; with 28-50dB, running in nearly silent level-1, the BS-07 HEPA purifier offers a chance to have a peaceful and comforting night without being disrupted.
3 Speed Modes&4 Timer Modes- BS-07 air purifier comes with powerful motor, offering 3-speed to move air like tornado, greatly shorten purifying time, energy and money; The timer function allows the air purifier to turn off automatically after 1/2/4/8 hour.
Child-Lock&Humanized Reminder- The air purifier with Child-Lock, frees your worry about child mistakenly turn off the machine; it also has a replacement reminder. Once the filter reaches 2,000 hours, a built-in replacement reminder will indicate you to replace.
PARTU Air Purifier True HEPA Filter for Large Room with 28dB, Air Cleaner for Du
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PARTU Air Purifier True HEPA Filter for Bathroom Living Room Smart Sensor Eliminator for Cigarette Smoke, Allergies, Dust, Odor and Pets Dander, Pollen, No Ozone(Available for California)
☆Smart Real-time Air Quality Monitor: PARTU BS-10 air purifier comes with sensor as the LED light will automatically change among blue(good), yellow(acceptable) and red(terrible) for one minute to monitor the air quality at the first plugin and fix to one of them, a warm helper to remind your air condition.
☆New-version Auto Mode: With unique technology of auto mode, the fan will choose suitable speed among silent mode(near 28dB), standard mode(default setting) and strong mode according to real-time air quality, no need to adjust speed manually, saving your time.
☆2-Upgraded Filtration System: Upgraded HEPA filter not only captures 99.97% of the 0.3μm particles like pollen, allergens, dust, and pet dander but also greatly reduce wind resistance; Spraying technology adopted activated carbon filter highly increase the contact surface between air and activated carbon, absorbing cigarette smoke, bad odor, VOCs and cooking smell.
☆Cost-effective Health Helper: The spec of BS-10 air purifier suggests this can meet all your space needs from small bedroom to middle-sized living room as 4ACH; CADR rated 200m³/hr; most effective area 215 sq.ft/ 20 m²; 28-50dB; saving you big fortune spent in the hospital due to disease caused by indoor air pollution.
☆Filters Replacement Reminder: After 950 hours of work, the "Lock" and "Light" buttons on the panel will flash in blue light simultaneously, indicating that the filter should be replaced.(It is recommended to replace the air filters every 6-8 months depending on how often you use your air purifier.)
PARTU Air Purifier True HEPA Filter for Bathroom Living Room Smart Sensor Elimin
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HUKOER 4L Pocket Portable oxygenmachine ,Home O2generator Oxy-gen Bar Air Purifier 110V with Carry Bag
〖Technical Parameters 〗 : Supply continous flow 4L/min , can't be adjustable,delivers a steady stream of 28±2% pure oxy-gen.50db quiet.It works without water, no need to refill at night.
〖Easy to Use〗 : Simple operation, only two keys - open key and standby key, Includes a Chargeable battery 5000mAh(charge from 3.5 hours to 4 hours, use about 3 hours).WEIGHT only 1.98pounds.
〖Cleaning Method〗: If the unit is dirty, please wipe it with a dry soft cloth. If particularly dirty, you can use a soft cloth stained with water or neutral detergent to dry and wipe the machine, and then dry with a dry soft cloth. If necessary, the machine can be disinfected by gently wiping with degreased cotton dipped in disinfecting alcohol (except for the panel, nameplate and trademark silk printing).
〖Attention〗 : This is a supplementary medical device and NOT intended to be used for ANY prescription purpose.Unable to treat patients.When not using for a long time, please cut off the power supply of the equipment in time and keep it open for 2 hours every two weeks to check whether the equipment is running normally and carry out operation and maintenance.
Automatically recorded when you place an order with us. All you would need to reference in the future is your Amazon order number.
HUKOER 4L Pocket Portable oxygenmachine ,Home O2generator Oxy-gen Bar Air Purifi
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