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21-02-2018 04:32 pm
ZKTeco Biometric Digital Door Lock Face Recognition and Touch Screen Keyless Locks Smart Lockset with Knob Handle ,Right Handed,Zinc Alloy
Unlock your door with your face:Healthy, Safe and Fast verification by face recognition;
Contactless verification Unique biometric characteristic matching speed is less than 1s; 3 inch Capacitive Touch Screen that make our locks intuitive and easy to use,It supports display the battery charge level,time and date,unlocking records(the info of photo/time,etc)
A 24/7 ACTIVITY LOG TRACKS;Keep tracking of who and when unlocks your door.The latest 30000 unlocking records can be tracked.User can browse unlocking records on device
PASSAGE MODE: stay at unlocking state during this mode,Just press the handle to open the door
USER DATA BACKUP;uploading/downloading of user information through usb flash disk, All the data can be copied and do not worry about losing User information anymore.
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