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21-02-2018 04:32 pm
ZKTeco Biometric Digital Door Lock Face Recognition and Touch Screen Keyless Locks Smart Lockset with Knob Handle ,Right Handed,Zinc Alloy
Unlock your door with your face:Healthy, Safe and Fast verification by face recognition;
Contactless verification Unique biometric characteristic matching speed is less than 1s; 3 inch Capacitive Touch Screen that make our locks intuitive and easy to use,It supports display the battery charge level,time and date,unlocking records(the info of photo/time,etc)
A 24/7 ACTIVITY LOG TRACKS;Keep tracking of who and when unlocks your door.The latest 30000 unlocking records can be tracked.User can browse unlocking records on device
PASSAGE MODE: stay at unlocking state during this mode,Just press the handle to open the door
USER DATA BACKUP;uploading/downloading of user information through usb flash disk, All the data can be copied and do not worry about losing User information anymore.
Amazon Artemis  
Artemis Biometric Gun Safe/Handgun Safe - Quick Access to Your Pistol by Fingerprint or Key (Stores up to 200 Unique Fingerprints)
Constructed of a polycarbonate plastic polymer (an extremely durable weapons grade plastic polymer than can withstand the weight of a full size truck) making Artemis child resistant and virtually unbreakable.
EASY TO USE and program for pistol access, features ultra-secure Radial Vector Multi-Point Technology (RVM). The Single Touch high quality biometric fingerprint scanner, provides secure and quick access with the PRESS of a finger, no swiping required. STORES UP TO 200 UNIQUE FINGERPRINTS for access to your gun box
Step 1 - Press red programming button. Step 2 - PRESS (pre-programmed) fingerprint on the 360 degree omni-directional print scanner - which can read prints from any direction. SWIPING WILL NOT OPEN CASE. A loud tamper alarm, will sound after 5 unauthorized attempts to protect against accidental handgun access. Alarm is easily turned off by an authorized fingerprint scan
Case is designed to snuggly fit your firearm with a thick padded interior, fits larger handguns (Model 1911), yet small enough to fit in a nightstand or under your bed. Securely closes by applying pressure around the top.Includes high-security tubular style key and security cable. Features 4 mounting holes for added security and a low battery alarm (4 AA batteries included)--battery life of approx. 1 year (approx. 4,000 scanner operations).
TROUBLESHOOTING- Make sure the batteries are sufficiently charged. Check the connection between the unit and the battery pack to ensure a proper connection. Also, make sure batteries are properly installed and there are no obstructions in the battery terminal. In order to prevent any further issues, we hand inspect every unit for defects to ensure we are sending only the most top quality products
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