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ANJ Protection 2PK 130-135 dB Premium Emergency Personal Alarms for Women, Elderly and Kids | Rip Cord Activation | Loud Self Defense Keychain Alarm with Flash Light (FREE Batteries Included)
LIMITED TIME PROMOTION ON OUR PAINFULLY LOUD EMERGENCY PERSONAL ALARM: For a self-defense device, you want it to be loud when you need it. These Personal Alarms are measured at 130-135 dB of loudness. As the dB (decibel) scale is logarithmic, it means that a sound at 130 DB is 10 times more intense than a sound at 120 DB and roughly doubles the loudness!! While 101-125DB is "extremely loud" (siren level), sound level at 130-135 dB is "Painful", which is what you need to deter someone away!
EASY ACTIVATION WITH FLASH LIGHT ADD-ON: The activation is designed to be pull cord on the side of the alarm. Compared to the top grenade pull cord style, this design is easy to operate and will reduce the chance of activation by accident. Moreover, a value added LED flash light is equipped with the alarm to give you the needed light in darkness!
KEY CHAIN STYLE PERSONAL ALARM FOR EVERYWHERE AND EVERYONE: These personal alarms are conveniently designed as keychain style. One can carry it around in purse, backpack, bags, pockets, and keys. Whenever you need it, you have it!
2 PACK VALUE DEAL WITH BATTERIES INCLUDED: To keep our customers in mind and provide best values to our customers. We provide 2 PK value deal in silver and gold colors. Furthermore, each personal alarm has 3 LR44 batteries included so it can be ready for use at once!
LOUD ALARM ALERT: Again, these alarms are loud! They are not toys and one should not expose them to hearing for an extended time. Also, it is recommended to test the alarm once a month to make sure the batteries are fresh and they are ready to use when needed!
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LR44 AG13 Battery - [Ultra Power] Premium Alkaline 1.5 Volt Non Rechargeable Round Button Cell Batteries for Watches Clocks Remotes Games Controllers Toys & Electronic Devices (15 Pack)
POWER PACK (15 BATTERIES) - save money with the market-leading power pack of 15 top- quality AMVOLT 1.5V alkaline batteries to keep your battery-powered electronic devices juices anytime anywhere. Each of the AA alkaline batteries delivers long-lasting power, and is built from materials that do not require special disposal.
WORKS WITH ALL YOUR DEVICES - are you looking for reliable, top-quality LR44 batteries that you can use with your wireless doorbell, digital cameras, remotes, games controllers, clocks, toys and other digital devices? Get our power pack and say goodbye to dead-battery problems that disable your favorite electronics.
LONGER LASTING- tired of buying short-lived LR44 alkaline 1.5V batteries from the local store? Take advantage of our new LR44 alkaline batteries that are built to last long and provide maximum value for your money. Our batteries are designed for superior performance, and have longer charge times compared to most other brands in the market.
DURABLE LR44 BATTERIES - stock a packet-full of top-quality LR44 alkaline batteries that have been built to last as long as a decade on the shelve. Keep your coffee-bean grinders, toys, alarm clock, and other small electronics devices ready to go and never ever worry about LR44 battery expiration date again
PREMIUM NO LEAKS GUARANTEE - get a long-lasting, top performance booster pack of LR44 batteries and provide a reliable on-the- go power source for your family's favorite devices. Anything else and we'll process a refund or send a replacement pack for you. To us, customer satisfaction is not an option, it's a guarantee!
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