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11-01-2021 09:32 am
12 Inch Live Lucky Bamboo 5 Stalk with Spiral Arrangement - Live Indoor Plant for Home Decor, Arts & Crafts, Zen Garden and Feng Shui
PERFECT GIFT - Lucky Bamboo is an element of Feng Shui - Giving lucky bamboo as a gift is thought to bring good luck to the recipient - Give different stalks for different forms of luck (see description below) - Whether it's a gift house warming, Mother's Day, Father's Day, Birthday, or for a family, friend or loved one, give the gift of good fortune in a cute indoor plant display with lucky bamboo
TOP QUALITY - Our lucky bamboo shoots are taken care of in our own facility, they are young stalks and arrive a light green color, once rooted in water the leaves will grow and within a couple weeks they will have a nice deep dark green color - Have any issues with the bamboo? Let us know, our experts will assist and do what is needed to make sure your plant is happy and healthy
WEALTH - Lucky bamboo has a symbol of good fortune Asian culture, different arrangements represent different fortunes - 5 stalk arrangements are a symbol of wealth (Stalks only - Pots pictured not included)
HOME DECOR - In addition to good luck, these bamboo stalks are great décor - Give your home or office some life with these lucky bamboo stalks - Put them in your favorite planter and place them on your desk, counter, windowsill, kitchen table, or anywhere you want to display them and emit the fortunes of luck that lucky bamboo offers
UNIQUE ARRANGEMENT - Each arrangement consists of (2) 4" straight stalks, (2) 6" straight stalks, and (1) 8" spiral stalk (approximately 12" total), bound together with gold ribbon wire.
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