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22-03-2021 05:30 am
Atrend Pro Audio Tuned Speaker Enclosures, Charcoal (SC6x9PR)
Pro Audio Tuned 6” x 9” speaker enclosures are designed to dramatically improve the sound quality and bass response of any 6” x 9” speaker system
High Grade MDF featuring a 5/8” MDF front baffle for solid frequency response and accurate music reproduction
Recessed Side Panelsa resonant free, solid construction to reduce rattles and improve the overall sound quality
Soft Woven Polyfill Damping Material helps create a flatter frequency response, low bass extension and simulates a larger enclosure
Nickle Finish Metal Speaker Terminals help ensure a solid grip on the speaker wires for music signal transfer. Terminal cups are sealed and screwed tight to the enclosure to ensure no air leaks
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