Amazon Gilden  
16-03-2021 02:30 pm
Gilden 20-26mm Gents Thick and Heavy Sport Calfskin Leather Watch Strap TS62-0124-B (24 Millimeter end Width, Black, Black Buckle)
Genuine calfskin leather stitched watch strap with smooth finish, caramel colored stitching, and oversized brushed black stainless steel buckle
Replacement spring bars are included
Thick and heavy: measures 3/16 inch (5 millimeters) thick and weighs over an ounce (over 28 grams).
24 millimeter (15/16 inch) uniform width from buckle to lug
Sizing holes accommodate lengths from 5 1/8 to 6 7/8 inches (130 to 175 millimeters); Entire strap measures 8 inches (203 millimeters) long excluding buckle
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