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05-02-2022 10:30 pm
Ozark Outdoorz Military 2021 Inspection Date MREs (Meals-Ready-To-Eat) Pick a Can - Pick a Flavor-2021 Inspection Date MREs in Complementary Used Ammo Can (All Beef, Grade 1 30 Cal Ammo Can)
2021 Inspection Date Military MREs in you choice of Complementary USGI Used Ammo Can
30 Cal w/ 2 MREs, 50 Cal w/ 4 MREs, Fat 50 with 6 MREs
You pick the can and your MRE Variety.All meals include the main entree, sides, snacks, beverages and a utensil packet. **Components will vary from meal to me. **Pictures are an example, Meals and Stenciling on cans will vary****
Available in ALL Meat, ALL Chicken, ALL Beef, ALL Veggie or Rancom Selection
Packed in USGI Grade 1 Used Ammo Can
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