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23-03-2021 03:31 am
Ozone Generator Air Purifier Portable Ozone disinfection Odors Eliminating for Refrigerator Car Room Kitchen
【Green Disinfection, Safe and Healthy】Ozone is unstable and can be easily decomposed into oxygen and oxygen atoms, there is no toxic residue, and it is a green and non-polluting nature gas.
【360° All-round Purification】Being one of the strongest oxidants in nature, Ozone has extremely strong oxidizing and purification effect. As a gas, ozone can diffuse in the air, and all-round purification with no residue.
【Fireproofing and Anti-oxidation】 AF1 adopts high quality aluminum shell, hard anodizing process, V0 grade fire retardant material, high temperature and oxidation resistance.
【Compact Size, Easy to Carry】 Compared with similar products, at the size of onlyφ70 mm * H36 mm, AF1 is smaller and more portable, which makes traveling more convenient.
Note: Keep the product out of reach of children; humans and animals must leave the space during purification. Fully ventilate the space or wait for 30 min before entering.
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