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18-02-2022 06:30 pm
Saga, Vol. 4 Wireless Sports Bluetooth Headset Neck-Mounted Dual Stereo Neck-Mounted Universal Bluetooth Headset
You can't get rid of a sports freak. Two-point support design, 450 tilt ear firmly fit without feeling to wear, strong movement is still close to both ears.
Listen to everything. Feel everything. Long touch the left earphone can switch the transparent transmission mode, you can hear the surrounding sound, so that you can pay attention to the changes in the environment at any time, but also can freely communicate with people around you.
You can listen to music for 5 hours after charging for 2 hours with 90MAH large battery and low power consumption battery. Music is always with you.
Bluetooth 5.0 Wireless Connection with Bluetooth 5.0 wireless connection technology, say goodbye to the intricacies of cable and plug, let you enjoy the beautiful music freely.
Sound and painting synchronization, covering all aspects, suitable for multiple scenes. Whether you are a mobile phone, tablet, mobile phone and so on, as long as the device supports Bluetooth function, we can connect you to enjoy entertainment anytime and anywhere!
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