Ad Astra Food and Drink  
03-03-2020 07:30 am

What is everyone doing on Sunday? Well, if you are traveling through in the sunshine, stop in and help us cheer on the CHIEFS! Wait - you want to stay home and watch or have a Super Bowl party on your own! We have fabulous menu items for you to order “to go!”
We are going to be projecting the Super Bowl on Sunday at the restaurant!
Super Bowl Specials
Wings 8$ - w/celery and ranch
Mahomes Burger - a big one made with ribeye! $15 w/choice of side
BBQ pulled pork sliders $12 w/choice of side
Beer and Drink Specials Galore!
Let’s go, fans!!!
#gochiefs #localsforthewin #superbowlsunday

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