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Seabiscuit Freeze Dried Astronaut Food Snack Goji Berries Cans, USDA Organic Certified, No Loss of Nutrition, Large Fruit, Non GMO, No Sugar Added
Organic & FDA Certified: Seabiscuit whole nutrients goji berries produced in Ningxia, China. The raw material planting base has EU organic certification and American organic certification. All products are processed in GMP pharmaceutical grade workshops and have four cleaning lines to ensure zero contamination during processing. Our production base is registered with the US. Food and Drug Administration.
Why choose our Freeze-Dried Goji Berries? 1,Experiments have confirmed that vitamin content of Freeze-Dried Goji Berries is 40 times that of other dried Goji Berries; 2,The original active ingredients of fresh fruit have been protected effectively; 3,Due to the low water content, product color is orange. After rewatering, the product color become bright red as fresh fruit; 4,Green processing, natural flavor: throughout the production process does not use any additives, 100% no adds, keep medlar
Efficacy of Goji Berries: 1, Improving the organism immunity; 2,Improving eyesight: Goji Berries is good at improving eyesight; 3,Dropping three high: regulate blood sugar, lower blood pressure, prevent disease such as high blood pressure, heart disease, hardening of the arteries.
No loss: we adopt international advanced drying technology for fruits and vegetables--frozen drying technology. After fresh fruit is quickly frozen at low temperature, nutrition are all fixed in fruit ice. Ice directly turns into water vapor in a vacuum condition and is removed, leaving Gouqi fruit nutrients remaining in frozen ice, which greatly retains the original color, incense and flavor. In he meantime, nutrition won't loss.
Why you want to chew it? In the process of brewing or soup, due to the influence factors such as water temperature, the invasion of time and so on, Goji Berries release only part of medical components in water or soup. However,
Seabiscuit Freeze Dried Astronaut Food Snack Goji Berries Cans, USDA Organic Cer
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