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29-05-2020 07:32 am
LIFEWTR, Premium Purified Water pH Balanced with Electrolytes For Taste, 1 Liter bottles (6 Pack)
Includes 6 (1L) bottles of Lifewtr Premium Purified Water
Introducing a new canvas for artists. LIFEWTR series 8 features three limited run label motifs designed by Lilian Martinez, Tofer Chin, and Sarah Zapata
LIFEWTR ‘Unconventional Canvas’ Series, in partnership with Frieze, will champion equal access to arts.
Note you may receive previous series art labels. To learn more about each series, see the "From The Manufacturer" section below
pH balanced purified water with electrolytes added for taste. Please note this item may not be available in all regions. Packaging may differ
LIFEWTR is a premium bottled water brand committed to advancing and showcasing sources of creativity.
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