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Ultimate Variety Sampler Care Package - Gift Package, Snacks, Chips, Cookies, Bars, Candies, Nuts Gift Box, Office Meetings ,Friends & Family, Military,College Students (50 Count)
NEW & IMPROVED ASSORTMENT - Party Care Package Includes An Assortment Of 50 Individually Wrapped Single Serve Snacks Office, Meetings, Schools, Friends & Family, Military, College
THE IDEAL SNACK FOR EVERY OCCASION! – Our nutritional and protein-packed mixed health bars are the perfect snack for any occasion! Just pop the packets and make your Movie Night, College Dorm, School Snacks, Birthdays, Homes, Gifts, Parties, Sports Night, Office Break, Picnics, Camping Trip, Road Trip or Business Meeting Fun and Crunchy!
PERFECT GIFT FOR ANYONE: Ideal care package for military bases, college care package, get-well-soon care package, birthday. This Party Snack Box includes a flavorful snacks that everyone will love.
BEAUTIFULLY PACKAGED: Expertly packed with care in our LA Signature gift box, FAST SHIPPING! LA Signature Specializes In Creating Delicious Variety Packs For Everyone To Share And Enjoy. Our philosophy has always been the same. The Answer to All Your Cravings
Give Your Employees The Delicious Snacks They Want! Keep Them Energized With A Variety Of Treats!. Perfect For Office Break Rooms, Meetings, Hospitality, Events, Trade Shows, Customer Gifts, Conferences, School Events, Dorm Rooms And More!
Ultimate Variety Sampler Care Package - Gift Package, Snacks, Chips, Cookies, Ba
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Organic Succulent & Cactus Plant Food - Gentle Liquid Fertilizer Nutrients for Aloe Vera and Other Common Indoor and Outdoor Succulents & Cacti (8 oz)
WONDERFULLY ORGANIC - Contains safe, all natural organic ingredients that naturally feeds and strengthens your houseplants while promoting strong root development, color vibrancy, beautiful bloom, and stem growth.
QUALITY NUTRITION - High quality, urea free mix of vitamins and nutrients your plant needs to grow. Perfectly balanced liquid fertilizer with light NPK ratio gently feeds your house plants to encourage sustainable long term health and vitality.
WATER SMARTER - Get the most out of the water you use! Our fertilizer is made specifically for light infrequent applications that your dry-loving houseplant needs. Easily mix with water to feed your potted succulents and cacti with a soil drench or add to a spray bottle with a mister nozzle to spritz aerial roots.
APPLY CONFIDENTLY - Natural formula is safe to use indoors, around the garden, or wherever your plants are growing. Made especially for succulents and cacti in pots and planters- can be used even in a terrarium kit! Excellent for a pot containing gravel, pebbles, perlite, and other soil potting mixes.
PERFECT FOR ALL TYPES - Liquid nutrient booster for your live potted aloe vera, string of pearls, desert rose, christmas cactus, jade, plumeria, christmas cactus, burros tail, dragon fruit, echeveria, sempervivum, crassula, aeonium, haworthia cooperi, and more!
Organic Succulent & Cactus Plant Food - Gentle Liquid Fertilizer Nutrients for A
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Fat Plants San Diego Premium Succulent Plant Variety Package. Live Indoor Succulents Rooted in Soil in a Plastic Growers Pot (7)
UNIQUE VARIETY: Packages up to 30 succulents will not contain duplicate plants. Fresh and healthy succulent plants are hand selected from our greenhouse the day they ship, minimalizing the time spent in a dark box. We do not guarantee the exact plants in the product photo as our selection varies based on time of year, temperature, availability, health and size of the plant.
ELEGANT HOME DÉCOR OR PARTY DECORATION: Our premium fat plants work great for upscale weddings or home décor, shower decoration or party favors. Use these miniature plants as place settings, take-away gifts or just to brighten up any room.
HARD TO KILL: Succulent plants require minimal care. Bright light, well-draining soil and minimal watering is required to keep your succulents happy. Most do well in temperatures that do not drop below 40 degrees as outdoor plants and almost all will do well indoors with bright light from a window or a grow lamp. Our plants are greenhouse grown and will need to acclimate to full sun, please refer to our free e-book that accompanies each order for more information.
PERFECT FOR EVERYONE: Cactus and succulent plants make excellent dish garden additions, bring life to fairy gardens, and are therapeutic. Watch your children plant their own gardens and learn about succulents as they grow, flower and duplicate. Most succulents are easy to propagate and a fun and exciting way for kids to learn about plants.
LICENSED CALIFORNIA NURSERY: Fat Plants San Diego is a California licensed nursery and grower. Quality succulents guaranteed upon arrival.
Fat Plants San Diego Premium Succulent Plant Variety Package. Live Indoor Succul
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