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17-06-2020 10:31 am
Universal Window Seal, for Mobile Air Conditioner and Tumble Dryer, 400CM Window Seal Works with Portable Air Conditioning Unit, Hot Air Stop,Easy to Install, No Need for Drilling Holes
Keeping The Hot Air Away- the venting seal of the portable air conditioning kit keeps the cold air in the room by effectively spreading hot air out of the window. After proper installation, the window seal secures the hose between the window and the window frame to the air conditioner. The length of this air-conditioning cloth is 400CM. If the window size is close to 400cm, please do not hesitate to choose HUOU's window seal for air-conditioning .
Types of Doors And Windows: If your window is a casement window, push-in or push-out window, you can use my product to complete the sealing work. However, it is not suitable for the central pivot window. The balcony door is too large for sealing and is not suitable for sliding windows or doors too.
REDUCE ENERGY CONSUMPTION : This window seal contributes to reduce energy consumption and to lower carbon dioxide emissions, which is particularly high in summer due to the massive use of air conditioning. Preventing warm air circulating in your room, Hoomee window seal helps you save money on electrical bills!
EASY TO INSTALL – NO NEED FOR DRILLING HOLES . You don’t have to buy window kits, adapters for your hose or additional tools. All you need comes with your Hoomee Window Seal! Simply apply the adhesive hook tape to the inside of your window frame and to the window itself. Attach the window seal to the hook tape. Then, open the zip on the window seal and place your air conditioner hose out of the window. At the end, close the zip tightly around the hose. Simple as it is.
UNIVERSAL - Suitable for all portable air conditioners and tumble dryersregardless of manufacturer. Whether for windows that open to the left or windows that open to the right, bottom hung windows or skylights, Hoomee Window Seal will do the job. Fits window with a maximum p
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