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?? Organic Vegan Chili Bean Soup Bundled with Crunchy Sharp Cheddar, Asiago Cheese and Sourdough Cheese Sticks by Trader Joes and Measuring Conversion Chart by Ahoras Kitchen | 4 Item Set??
✔️ BUNDLE INCLUDES 2 boxes of Dr. McDougall's Organic Vegan Chili Bean Soup (17.9 ounce each), 1 box of Trader Joe's Cheddar Cheese Sticks (4 ounces) and 1 Recipe Measuring Conversion Chart by Ahlora's Kitchen.
✔️ PLANT BASED PROTEIN CHILI Do you have any spice lovers in your family? This Organic Vegan Chili Bean Soup makes for a delicious and filling gluten free vegetarian dish filled with fiber and just the right kick to satisfy those taste buds.
✔️ Healthy Food - Chunky soup and cheese sticks are made from wholesome ingredients with absolutely no additives or artificial preservatives. The ultimate in feel good foods as they include plentiful amounts of Asiago and Cheddar cheese twisted between layers of sourdough, twice baked for the perfect crunch
✔️ MEASURING CONVERSION CHART - Included with this bundle is Measuring Conversion Chart in a protected sleeve to ensure all kitchen measuring is accurate. As a special treat it comes with a Kitchen themed word search puzzle on the back to keep you entertained as the food cooks.
✔️ GUARANTEED Meals to satisfy any cravings you may have for spicy food with a flavorful side dish, while at the same time, will keep you on track with your healthy choice in foods. Go ahead and pick one up today and satisfy your taste buds.
?? Organic Vegan Chili Bean Soup Bundled with Crunchy Sharp Cheddar, Asiago Chee
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