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Mino Ware Japanese Rice Bowl, Rice Ramen Noodle Soup Sarada Pasta, Wave Whale Chawn, 4.6 inch 10oz Set of 2
There are many famous Japanese dishes, such as "sushi", "ramen noodles", "tempura", "maccha (green tea)", and "sake". If we are asked to think "what is Japanese food?", food eaten regularly come to our mind immediately. There is a variety of cultures in Japan, and each culture is different depending on the region and the age. By using a suitable tableware depending on the dish, you can enhance the flavor of it or make it easier to cut and separate the food.
Porcelain is made by firing a mixture of clay powder made by crushing stones and fired at a temperature over 1300 degree. Most of porcelain is thin and light, so a light clear metallic sound is made when tapping it, it allows light to pass through it. It is excellent in thermal conductivity, which makes it difficult to warm it up but has a capacity hardly getting cold.It has sharp and beautiful design, and most of tableware for general home use is porcelain.
What is Mino ware?Mino ware is the Japanese traditional pottery, and approximately 60% of the tableware used in Japan is Mino ware. For example, there are exterior garden supplies such as flower pots and water tanks, interior materials such as tiles for walls and floors, and sinks.Because of its quality with the beautiful design and high functionality, Mino ware is popular not only in Japan, but in overseas. It supports family life in Japan and is very popular among collectors.
Weight: 158g,Height: 2.3" (6 cm), Diameter: 4.6" (11.8 cm), Capacity: 10.1 oz (300 ml). Material: Porcelain. Microwavable and Dishwashable. Made in Japan. Suitable Dish (Drink): Rice, Cereal, Saladada, Soup, Desert, etc.
Details and colors of the images might be different from ones of real products because the position of ware relative to the fire and the way of covering with a glaze might produce unevenness on the patters and shapes. Dishwashable however, it is recommended that
Mino Ware Japanese Rice Bowl, Rice Ramen Noodle Soup Sarada Pasta, Wave Whale Ch
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24 PCS Thanksgiving Make-A-Turkey Stickers, Kalolary Thanksgiving Make Your Own Stickers Mix and Match Stickers Party Game DIY Stickers for Kids Thanksgiving Autumn Fall Harvest Party Favors
Abundant Quantity: You will receive 4 different styles of Thanksgiving characters mix and match stickers, each style with 6 sheets, a total of 24 sheets. The size of each Thanksgiving turkey sticker sheet is the same, 32cm long and 22cm wide.e, 32cm long and 22cm wide.
Excellent Design: These Thanksgiving DIY craft stickers for kids include 4 different colors and sizes of turkeys and some accessories. Each sheet has different designs of hats, eyes, noses, mouths and even eyebrows to make whatever faces you like.
Premium Materials: Our Thanksgiving make-a-turkey stickers are made of high grade paper, which are printed in bright colors and not easy to fade. No peculiar smell and harmless to kids, the stickers are safe to contact directly with the skin.
Convenient to Use: The self adhesive design of the make-a-face stickers allow kids to peel and paste easily. The surface of the sticker is coated, you can easily tear off the original sticker and attach other stickers, which can be used multiple times.
Multiple Applications: The make your own stickers are perfect as a game for kids on Thanksgiving party, group activity or art class. Finished stickers can be used as room decoration, refrigerator stickers, notebook decoration, window decoration etc.
24 PCS Thanksgiving Make-A-Turkey Stickers, Kalolary Thanksgiving Make Your Own
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Cathay Fresh Spring Roll Rice Paper Wrappers, Rice Paper Wrappers for Fresh Rolls-60 Sheets, Non-GMO, Gluten-Free, Low Carb, Vietnamese Summer Wrap with Natural Ingredients, Veggie Wrap (Round, 16cm)
【 PREMIUM QUALITY 】: Cathay Spring Roll Rice Paper Wrappers are made from specially selected ingredients sourced from Vietnam and 100% machine processed and dried, which brings you a fantastic and delicious food experience each and every time. Does not easily break when wrapping like the other brands out there!
【 JUST THREE EASY STEPS 】: To build your spring roll, simply wet the rice paper to slightly rehydrate the wrapper. Then, fill it with any desired meats, vegetables, or herbs that suit your taste palate. Lastly, roll! It’s that easy.
【 NATURAL INGREDIENTS 】: Cathay Spring Roll Rice Paper Wrappers are made with only four, all-natural ingredients: Rice Flour, Tapioca, Water & Salt. NO saturated fat, NO preservatives, NO additives. NO Added Color, NON-GMO, Gluten-Free, 100% Natural, Vegan Friendly, Unbleached, Authentic Vietnamese Taste!
【 VERSATILE USAGE 】: Cathay Spring Roll Rice Paper Wrappers are the perfect base for making fresh spring rolls, summer rolls, and wraps. You can cut them into triangles and then fry or bake them as dipping chips. Alternatively, cut the wrappers into narrow strips before frying them to use as a salad topping. You may even use two rice paper sheets together when frying spring rolls to prevent breakage. Also perfect for decorating cakes and pastries!
【 ON THE GO TREATS 】: Do you want to know what the best part about a spring roll is? It’s portable! If you’re on the go and need a quick and healthy lunch, what better food to take with you than a handheld spring roll!
Cathay Fresh Spring Roll Rice Paper Wrappers, Rice Paper Wrappers for Fresh Roll
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